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  • Turn back the clock 3 years..

    GCPvP was originally created in early 2012. Back then, GCPVP was the GCSG Survival Games server, as we were originally based around a survival games gamemode.

  • Today, we are GCPVP.

    Development of the server is currently sitting at an all time high - our community thrives, and we are here to stay.

    We are constantly looking for more ways to innovate and crush the competition.

  • Despite being 3 years old, we're still in beta!

    The server is always being updated - whether it's a new plugin or a huge pvp arena being loaded, we will never stop changing things!



Hi, I'm Kevin (aka blackwolf700) I've been working on GC for 2 years and have been playing for almost 4! I've built quite a few spawns and much more for the server. I even built the forums and manage it. If you ever have any questions or any concerns about anything just hit me up on Skype or in game! (If I'm not afk)



Howdy folks - I'm Theonlymongi, the server owner. I've been running GCPvP for over 3 years now, so am well versed in anything server related. If you have any questions regarding the server, feel free to get in touch! Skype me over at Theonlymongi, or use the contact form on this website!



Hi! My name is Danny and I am a moderator on GCPvP and spend most of my free time on there. I have been a Mod on Gc for around a year now and have seen an awful lot along the way. I help to moderate the Social Media side of GC with Blackwolf & Mongi. I like to hear from the community and regularly check YouTube to see what videos the players of GC have made and give feedback.

How do I play GCPvP?

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  • Player Name
  • Kills
  • Deaths
  • Rampage
  • PK ELO
  • 1
  • blackwolf700
  • 1
  • 0
  • 1
  • 1275
  • 2
  • Theonlymongi
  • 0
  • 1
  • 0
  • 1225
  • 1st Place

    A LOOTCRATE delivered to your home, OR a $25 Steam E-Gift card OR $50 GCPvP Store Credit

  • 2nd Place

    $40 GCPvP Store Credit to use on the Buycraft store on yourself or a friend

  • 3rd Place

    $20 GCPvP Store Credit to use on the Buycraft store on yourself or a friend

winners selected in:

December winners:

  • 1st: Magiik21
  • 2nd: Quhzi
  • 3rd: iAxePvP

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