PvP, Redefined.

Here at GCPvP (previously known as gcsg or the GC-SG survival games) we are all about PvP.


Our server is run from a 100% dedicated custom built Linux box, utilising an Intel Xeon Quad running at 4GHz.

We have 64GB of RAM just to spoil our epic players. We only use SSDs for super fast map loading & maximum read/write speeds.

Our server bill including advertising comes in at almost $500 a month. We are serious about our server.

Come Join Us!

Connect to our IP:


To join in on the immense action going on right now! We were previously known as GCSG - our old IP that still works is MC.GC-SG.ORG.

We are still the best Minecraft PvP server around - just with added paintball now!

Epic Ranks.

Come check out what EPIC ranks we offer for our epic players who wish to help keep the server up all day and night, with constant PvP changes & updates.

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